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All About Me!

Hi my name is Amber I am a Juinor at Leopold R-3. I enjoy spending time with my cousions Levi, Shane, Dlyan they have alot of pigs. I live on a farm. I have a lots of animals. In my spare time I like to go outside and work with the calves and the pigs to get them ready for the fair. My family is known pretty good around here. My Mom's name is Holly. My Dad's name is Jeremy. I have a sister her name is Karlee. My sister and I are currently members of the Delta 4-H.We show animals at the Semo District Fair.

Family Info

  1. Mom-Holly she was diagnosed in 2008 with Intercranial Hypertsioin. Its an illness where you have spinal fluid that reproduces way to much and it surround your head a gives you a HEADACHE all the TIME. Some of the symoptom to this illness invole all of the symotoms for migraine and more.
  2. Dad-Jeremy he works with FedEx right now but trying to get another Job. He teaches me how to hunt and fish and to take care of the calves.
  3. Sister-Karlee she is a good sister we don't fight that much, but when we aren't fighting she is a really nice and caring sister.

  4. Me-Amber I to go to school to see all of my friends. I like 4-H. I'm definently a Tom Boy. I'm not affraid to get Dirty.


I love 4-H its one of the best things ever. I'm currently in Delta 4-H not planing to go to any other 4-H groups. I like shoing animals at the Semo District Fair


  1. Kenzy
  2. Jaron
  3. Levi
  4. Shane
  5. Dylan
  6. Morgan
  7. Lauren
  8. Grace
  9. Simon

And Many More.

The House I want to live in.







  • Ace and Dixie Pigglesworth ( Amber's Pigs)
  • Corazon and Molly ( Karlee's Pigs)

    Dixie and Molly are Herford Pig's

    Ace and Corazon are Crossbreed Pig's