Brady's Website

Hi! My name is Brady. Here you will learn more about my life, hobbies, and interests. Enjoy!

My Family

My dad works at Proctor and Gamble and farms. My mom works at the Soil and Water Conservation Department. My brother is still attending school as a senior. My sister is in college. Max is a black boxer/lab mix and Bronx is a white lab. Max enjoys chasing trucks and four-wheelers and Bronx likes to ride in the truck or on the four-wheeler.

My Hobbies and Interests

In my time at home I enjoy hunting, fishing, riding four-wheelers, and farming. I like to hunt squirrel, rabbits, coyotes, deer, and gig frogs. Another hunting activity I like is trapping. I like setting and baiting traps to catch coons and opossums. I also enjoy fishing for crappie and setting lines to catch catfish. My favorite thing to do is farm. I enjoy running equipment and learn how to work on machinery. My favorite things to do on the farm is to disk and haul grain to the bin. I also like to sand and paint equipment. When we get free time, I like to take rides with my family and dogs to check on the crops.


  1. Government
  2. Science
  3. Geometry
  4. Algebra 2
  5. Advanced Computers
  6. English 2
  7. Physical Education