My name is Kara, I am 15 years old, and I am sorta like the middle child. My dad was in a previous marriage and had a daughter, Kristen. He then married my mom, and together they had my older sister, Kacie, me, and my little brother, Alex. We have a chocolate lab, whose name is Major. I go to school at Leopold R-3, I am in 10th Grade. I play two sports and I am in multiple clubs.


  • Playing softball
  • Playing volleyball
  • Watching baseball, football, and basketball
  • Traveling to new places
  • Listening to music


  1. High School softball and volleyball
  2. Beta Club
  3. Business Club
  4. Pep Club
  5. Robotics Club


My family consists of my dad, Chris, my mom, Aimee, my half sister, Kristen, my sister, Kaice, my little brother Alex, and my dog Major. My dad kinda owns his own company, because he worksd for himself, but he works as a contractor for many different food brands. He sells chips, pretzels, coffe, and many other things. My mom on the other hand has multiple jobs. Her main job is to working in a lawfirm. Her other two jobs are being a bus driver for my school, and being a cake, cookie, and cupcake decorator. She is a very complicated perosn and does way more things than I could handle. My sister is a senior in college at SEMO, and getting her degree for being an exceptional child teacher. My brother is a die had baseball fan. His favorite MLB team is the St. Louis cardinals. He is the kind of person that is good at every sport he tries to do. Our whole family enjoys watching Alex paly in his baseball games with the 10U team. We all go to SEMO college football games and baseball games. My dog Major, is a dog that hates loud noises like thunder, loud pops such as fireworks, and he really hates being put outside after he's been in the house all day.

  • Softball
  • Baseball
  • Foootball
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • The beach
  • Mexican food

  • Kris Bryant haters
  • Sour Kraut
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Annoying people
  • Fruity Gum

~Set Your Mind On Things Above -Colossians 3:2~


My future plans are kinda up in the air right now. I would like to graduate high school with a diploma, I want to graduate college with some type of degree. I don't really know what job I'd like to have. I have thought about being a teacher, and I decided that was a no becasue kids get very annoying. Then I thought about being a road contsruction helper, but then you have to be outside ALL day and you'd have to deal with very grumpy people. But right now, I am thinking about being an optometrist. Also known as an eye doctor. I don't really know why I'd want to be an eye doctor, but I enjoy seeing the pictures of peoples' eyes through the x-rays.