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About Me

Hello and welcome to my webpage! My name is Matt and I am a junior at Leopold R-3 High School. My mom and dad's names are Pam and Stan, and I have three sisters named Allison, Kelli, and Erin. I also have a niece named Braelyn and a nephew named Jaxon.



Future Plans

When I graduate from Leopold, I am planning to become a videogame designer. I'm not too sure about what college I want to go to, but I want to remain relatively close to home. After college, I hope to work at a small videogame designing company until I get more experience. I then hope to work at a bigger videogame designing company. I have already picked out the company I want to work at, and I hope I get to work there someday.

Below is a link for the qualifications to become a videogame designer:


I like a few different types of music. I mostly listen to rap, but I also like some rock and metal.




Thank you for visting my webpage! I hope you now know a little bit more about me.