My Family and Friends

Bill:     This is my dad.  We do a lot of exciting things together like hunting, golfing and cutting wood.

Glenda:    This is my mom.  She tries to make me into a better person.

Lisa:     This is my oldest sister.  She always care for me. She is just like my second mom.

Kristi:     This is the next oldest.  She just got married on October 21, 2000.

Jill:         This is the youngest of my sisters.  She always understands all of my problems.

Adam(ME):    I am the youngest of the family!  I try to stay out of  trouble.


I have many friends. Hopefully I can remember all of them:

Kelly, Mark, Robbie, Chad, Daniel S., Danel V., Frank, Leslee, Bret, Laura, Jessica, Ashley, Kyle, Scott, Donnie, Andy L., Andy E., Tyson, Jodi, Danny L., Drew...................and a lot more.

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