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Sup Homies
This is Adam (aka Lucifer) hollering out to all you readers about me and what I enjoy doing in my spare time. This is the place to be if you want to learn more about me!!!!!!!!!!

I'm currently a junior at Leopold Highschool


1st Hour - Spanish 1 - Mrs. Ponder
2nd Hour - Algebra 111 - Mr. Thoma
3rd Hour - Chemistry - Ms. Simmers
4th Hour - Business Tech. - Mrs. Nenninger
5th Hour - World History - Mr. Kinder
6th Hour - Physical Education - Mr. Thoma
7th Hour - English 111 - Ms. Gregory

                                                 Pep Club

Beta Club
Business Club
Boy Scouts
NCYC - 2003 trip to Houston, Texas
Pep Club


Playing sports especially basketball
Hanging out with friends
Watching sports on t.v.
Playing play station 2 at the crib with friends
Going to the movies
Driving around in my car


Mike    Brandon    Mary    Jena    Samantha    Tyler    Tonya    Lori    Stacy    Rachel

Kelly    Jessica      Amber    Chris    Mellisa    Matt    Shane    AJ    Lucis      Garrett

Josh        Ben        Eric      Cassie    Cody      Jennifer    Sarah    Shannon    Justin



  Dad- my Dad is Tim, and he works at Lonestar in Cape Girardeau.. He also runs a farm on my  Grandpa 's  land. He is a great man, and he'll help anyone he can.

    Mom- my Mom is Susie, and she works at Do It Your Best Corp. in Cape Girardeau. She has helped me so much, and I love her for that.

    Sister- my sister is Whitney. She is in the sixth grade, and she loves playing basketball.

Future Plans

    I plan to graduate high school and go on to attend college. My college is still undecided, but I plan to study architecture and design where ever I go. I want to attend a four year college and get a full education. I hope to get married (later on after I get my own architecture firm off the ground.).  I hope to design buildings such as small houses to skyscrapers when I get older.  After I make a lot of money, I hope to be driving a Mercedes Benz..



home made cooking
driving my car
having fun
playing basketball                      (Left side) I'm Amanda Dunn's slave for Slave Day on Spirit Week
watching espn                    (Middle) My initiation into Beta Club
chicken noodle soup            (Right side) NCYC group chillin out at Houston, Texas for the 2003 NCYC
playing ps2 with friends       Convention
chocolate chip ice-cream
Christmas gatherings
snow days
taking trips with friends
ham and cheese omlet
Nelly & Ludacris  (music artists)
summer vacation
movies like: "Dumb and Dumber"    "X-men 2"    "Friday"    "2 Fast 2 Furious"    "Super Troopers"

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