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  Family is very important to me.  My family consists of four people.  My mother is a nurse at St. Francis Hospital.  My father is a machinest at Auto Tire and Parts.  My little sister attends Leopold High School.


  Without friends, I don't know where I'd be right now.  They are very important to me.  Some of my friends are Wade, Michael, Stacy, Tonya, Brandon, Tyler, Melissa, Jessica, Mary, Rachel, Jena, Shannon, Kelly, and all of my other friends I have not mentioned!  Here are a few pictures of my closest friends.

 (Left to Right): Tonya and I in the Computer Lab at school; Tyler and I on "80's Day"- Basketball Spirit Week 2002; Melissa and I after the game on "Senior Night" - 2003


  I play several sports during the school year and summer.  I play softball and volleyball.  I am on three different volleyball teams during the summer including sand volleyball and two indoor leagues.  I play softball during the summer and plan on playing softball for the school team this year.

Bump, Set, Spike...what's not to love about volleyball?


   My interests include talking on the phone, hanging out with friends, playing sports, and listening to music.  Music and sports are my two favorite interests.  I enjoy listening to anything from country to rap, and  I enjoy watching all sports.

School Activties 

        My school activities include:
  * Volleyball - 3 years
  * Softball - 1 year
  * Pep Club - 3 years
  * Business Club - 3 years
  * Glee Club - 3 years
  * Beta Club - 2 years
  * Student Activities Council - 1 year

Class Schedule 

    1st Hour - Spanish I
    2nd Hour - Algebra III
    3rd Hour - Chemistry
    4th Hour - Business Tech
    5th Hour - World History
    6th Hour - Journalism I
    7th Hour - English III


        ~pink (the color)~
        ~country music~
        ~my class ring~
        ~Wet Seal~
        ~July 15th~
        ~Barnes and Noble coffee~
        ~my cell phone~
        ~my car~
        ~my duck pillow~
        ~hand lotion from Bath and Body Works~

Future Plans 

   My future plans include going to either Maryville University and becoming a physical therapist or going to Southest Missouri State University and becoming a nurse.  I haven't decided which one interests me more!  After I graduate college and become successful, I hope to get married and start a family after I've been married a few years.  I plan to stay in the country.

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