Here's a picture of my familiy.  My siblings include:  Chris, Calvin, and Adam.  My parents are Rose and Harold. Chris is the oldest; he's 24. Calvin is 22. Adam is the youngest of my brothers; he's 19. I am the baby of the family, at 17 years old.

Chris and Calvin both live in St. Louis, Missouri, and work at Southwestern Bell as computer programmers.  Adam is going to Southeast Missouri State University.  He is employed part-time at the "Buckle" at the West Park Mall and at Cottonwood Treatment Center in Cape Girardeau.

Mom works at Blue Cross and Blue Shield's insurance office in Cape Girardeau.  Dad works for the Bollinger County Highway Department.

Frist off, I want to include all of my class!  We're all pretty close!  My good friends include:  Sammi Jo, Wendy, Erin, Tina, Lori, Jessica, Toni, Amanda, Traci, Becky, Rachel, Mary Beth, Cindy, Melissa, Courtney, Tasha, Anna, Josh, Brandon, Lucas, Travis, Jason, Corey, Nick, A.J., Justin, Matt, Clayton, Chris, Gina and Mike, and if I forgot anyone, I'm sorry!!!


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