Big Mac Land!

Welcome To Big Mac Land!

Yo! What up? My name be Chris Mac, but you can just call me Mac. I am in the 10th Grade at Leopold High School. I play basketball for Leopold.

On this page, and this page only, I will tell you a little about My Hobbies, My Family and Friends, and My Future Plans.

My Hobbies

My Hobbies include:

I like playing basketball for my school. I love to go hunting and fishing, but the best thing of all is paintball shooting. It is the best thing to do in the world. Sometimes it hurts when you get hit. You just have to forget it and keep playing.

My Friends and Family

I have a lot of friends from several places. My best friend is my cousin, Joel. He lives in Califorina. Even though he lives so far away, he is always there for me. My other best friends include: Brandon, Adam, Michael, Stacy, Becca Jo, Rachel, Sam, Mary, and anyone else I forgot.

My family includes six people:

  1. My Dad--John works at Beussinks Transmission.

  2. My Mom--Joan works at Same Day Surgery at St. Francis.

  3. My younger sister--Diana is in 9th grade at Leopold School.

  4. My younger brother--Brian is in the 7th grade at Leopold School.

  5. My youngest brother--Andrew is in the 1st grade at Leopold School.

My Future Plans

My future, to me, looks very big. I plan to try to join the army. If I can not do that, then I will join the Peace Corps. Either way, I want to help my country. To find out more about the U.S. Army check out