ClayJay's Webpage

Whassssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!!!!!!!!! My name is Clayton. I hope that by the time you get to the end of my webpage, you know a little about me. Here we go.

The word Sophmore comes from Greek descent from two words--sophisticated and moron. This word almost perfectly describes me. Sometimes I can be a very sophisticated person and other times, I can be a complete moron.

My Family

I have a big family. My immediate family consists of six people.


I am involved in two sports at my school. In fact, these two sports are the only sports offered for high school boys at my school.


Last year as a freshman, I played my first year of high school baseball. I played as a spot-starter and gradually became a starter in right field for the team. My personal highlights for the year were probably when I started off the season batting 8 for 10 and had a .800 batting average. My other personal highlight was at Scott County Central when I was a foot wide of hitting my first-ever home run. As a team, we played outstandingly and won first place in districts. We were the first team to win districts for Leopold Baseball.


Last year was also my first year for high school basketball. I started at power forward for the junior varsity. Although I did very little scoring over the season, I tried my best to crash the boards. I averaged nearly 10 rebounds a game. The highlight of last year for me was in the Meadow Heights Junior Varsity Tournament when we played against Meadow Heights for the Consolation Championship and beat them by one point on their home floor. It was the only time we beat them last year.

School Clubs

I am also a part of many clubs at Leopold R-III High School.

Beta Club

Of all of the clubs I am involved in, the one I am probably most proud of being in is the Beta Club. I was selected, along with a few others from my class, to be invited to enter the Beta Club. The Sponsor of the Beta Club is Mrs. Cooper, the Sixth Grade Teacher.

Pep Club

Another club I am involved with is the Pep Club. The Pep Club goes to volleyball and basketball games and supports the ball teams. The sponsor of the Pep Club is Mr. Kinder, the history teacher.

Business Club

The Business Club is another of the many clubs that I am involved in. Our fearless leader of the Business Club is Mrs. Nenninger, the Computer Class teacher.

Glee Club

Even though I have rarely enough time to go to any of the meetings, I am also in the Glee Club as a guitar player, a recorder player, a glockenspeil player, and a keyboard player. Mrs. Jansen is the sponsor of the Glee Club.


This year is my first year to also be involved with SAC. The Student Activities Council does a lot of planning for the Christmas party at the end of the first semester.

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