About Me

I am proud to be a American!!!
About Me
I love collecting coins and Batman items. I love to help my dad and brother. I help my dad on his farm, and I help my brother in  his body shop. I am working on a car at the moment (description under "Stuff"). I am in Boy Scouts, and  I have achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. I am also in a church group, CYC. I am 16 and my birthday is March 7. I have a niece, Shelby,  who is 2.  I love to daydream and watch movies and events about the impossible and the unexplainable. I love wild animals like wolves, white tigers, snow leopards, and eagles. Here is a link to the Boy Scouts home page: http://www.boyscouts.com/
My Friends

Here are some of my friends, but I have many other friends.

I do a lot of stuff at home, in my community, and with my friends and family. I have been working on a car. It is a rare/valuable car (picture of it is on the next page while it is under construction). It is a 1987 Night Rider GTA Trans-Am. It is red, and I am going to put two black racing stripes up the middle of it. The rimes, center caps, bird and GTA emblems are painted gold. The emblems and center caps are worth over $900 by themselves. My car also has a supped up 350 motor in it.

I go camping with my friends. I belong to a church group called CYC. I also belong to Boy Scouts. I help my brother from time to time at his body shop in my home town. I believe there were dragons at one time.  I believe there are creatures, phenomenons, and the paranormal. There are events and other strange happenings that can't be explained by science.

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