Welcome to Diana's Homepage

Hi. My name is Diana. I am 17 and attend Leopold High School. I participate in many after school activities and clubs. Though my life isn't all that intresting to me, I guess you can see for yourself what I do for fun.


I have many friends who include:
  1. All my classmates
  2. Erin W.
  3. Amber B.
  4. Casey H..
  5. Kristen H..
  6. Damion W.
  7. Chris S
  8. Chris E..
and many more. 



I have many interests to help my busy life go by more quickly!

listening to music
talking on the phone to many different people


  1. 1st hour - Spanish - Mrs. Ponder
  2. 2nd hour - Algebra III - Mr. Thoma
  3. 3rd hour - Chemistry - Mrs. Kinder
  4. 4th hour - Business Tech.-Mrs. Nenninger
  5. 5th hour - History - Mr. Kinder
  6. 6th hour - Journalism - Mrs. White
  7. 7th hour - English - Mrs. White 
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