This is my family.  (Clockwise from top)  Me, Tonya, Tina, and Randy.

My Father:

     My dad is Randy Broshuis, and he is a deisel mechanic.  He has his own shop called, R & T Repair.

     He likes to ride horses.  He has about  18 horses all together.   His favorite kind of horse is a paint horse.  All of his paint horses are registered into the American Paint Horse Association, and all of his quarter horses are registered into the American Quarter Horse Association.


My Mother:

     My mom is Tina Broshuis, and she is a Certified Respiratory Therapist.  She works part-time at St. Francis Medical Center.  On her days off, she will help my dad in his shop.  One of her interests is ice skating.  She watches it on T.V. everytime it is on.

My Sister:

     My sister is Tonya Broshuis, soon to be Tonya Lewis.  She is getting married on June 26, 1999, to James Lewis.  She now lives in Cape Girardeau.  I am her maid of honor in her wedding.  She is currently working at SEMO Banking in Cape.

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