My Family

Dad - My dad works for a company called MAG-Plastics.  He likes to hunt, fish, and take rides in his old farm truck, Blackie.  I enjoy spending time with my dad & going on 3-wheeler rides with him.

Mom - My mom is the 5th grade teacher here at Leopold School.  She is active in the community & likes to spend time with her family.  My mom is a very reliable person; she is a good listener, and she gives good advice.

Shawn - Shawn is my oldest brother.  He currently attends Southeast Missouri State University and is employed at Airborne Express.  In his spare time, he likes to watch the Blues and the Bears on t.v.

Scott - My brother Scott is the manager of a Bi-State convenience store.  He has a daughter, Calli, who is 4 years old.  Scott also likes to go to Blues games & watch them on t.v.

Matt - Matt works at UPS and will graduate from Southeast in May.  Matt enjoys spending time with his friends.  He plans on moving away when he graduates; he eventually would  like to move to Seattle.

My Favorites

The bus Redneck Bowling Camping out Shopping Weekends
Riding around with friends Watching movies Junior Mints
Round Table pizza Lexy & Malibu Pepsi Rollie chairs Reading
The Real World Bonfires Playing with Calli Mini pumpkins
Hogan's Heroes - "I see nothing" Listening to music Gravel roads
Looking at old pictures & home videos Strawberry Splash bubblegum
Sitting on Mr. LeGrand's tailgate at lunchSleeping Owls in Leopold

My Classes

1st Hour - Algebra III ~ Mr. Thoma
2nd Hour - Spanish I ~ Miss Huffman
3rd Hour - Chemistry ~ Mrs. Green
4th Hour - Study Hall ~ Miss Gregory
5th Hour - World History ~ Mr. Kinder
6th Hour - Business Technology ~ Mrs. Nenninger
7th Hour - English III ~ Miss Gregory

My Future Plans

    I will graduate from Leopold in May of 2004.  After that, I plan on going to college; however, I do not know where I want to go.  I'd like to go away to college, but I would still like to be relatively close to home.  I'm not sure what I want to major in, but I do know that I want to do something that helps people.  I would also like to travel, but I eventually want to come back to Leopold and have a family.  For right now, I just plan on having fun!

Thank you for visiting my web site!