Holly Renee's Homepage

Hi! My name is Holly Renee Theresa. I'm a sophmore at Leopold High School. Here is a little more about myself!!


My family is pretty close. My dad works at Perryville High School. My mom works at Crader Distributing. Hanna, my older sister, goes to college and is working at two jobs right now; one at Crader's with my mom and the other is at Ameri Mart. Hanna and I love to agrue about clothing; we wear each others clothes all the time. Hanna and I are 3 years and 364 days apart. We usually share birthday cakes and open presents together. I can't forget to tell you about my dogs--Kate, Allie, and Lucy. Kate and Allie are Beagles who love to run rabbits. Lucy, my weiner dog, is the baby of them all. She is a house dog, not quit trainned but she is getting there!


My friends mean so much to me! I consider everyone in my class my friend. We seem to have a really close class. Other than my classmates, my friends are Kyla, Laura, Bailey, Ashley, Jessica, Iris, Shelly, Wendy, Beth, Tasha and Lori!! I can't forget about my little "sisters" Kelly, Janice, and Jill! :) They always make a bad day go better!


Volleyball would have to be my favorite sport. I first started playing outside hitter. Later, I got moved to middle, and I really enjoy playing there. I get along well with my coach and teammates. Softball is my second favorite sport that I can participate for school. I usually play as a pinch hitter, and sometimes went in as outfielder. During the summer I played softball, and I got to pitch and play second. It was lots of fun!! I love being a part of a team and cheering for everybody! I look forward to volleyball every year, right along with softball!


I don't have very many hobbies. The only one I can think of is collecting Stamps. My grandma gave me her and my mom's collection of stamps, for me to add to them. Whenever I'm bored, I'll get them out and work on them. Also, I enjoy listening to music. No matter what I'm doing, I have to be listening to music! Lately I have been reading my romance book!! Also I enjoy hanging out with my friends on the weekends. I love to go swimming during the summer. During the winter I'm pretty lazy, but I always look forward to sitting in front of the fireplace and watching the Christmas tree's lights shine! I also enjoy attending basketball games to cheer for the guys in my class!!


Here are some of the clubs that I participate in:


Some of my likes are:
  • Paul
  • skittles
  • purple
  • orange sherbert
  • jewlery (bracelets)
  • Pistons
  • "Who let the dawgs out!"
  • shoes
  • driving
  • Chad Brandon
  • babysitting
  • talking on phone
  • art
  • JoDee Messina
  • animals
  • sleeping in
  • snow days
  • AE
  • candles
  • Shedaisy
  • shopping
  • fairys