Welcome To Jena's Homepage

Hey there!  My name is Jena, and I am 16 years old.  My birthday is June 18th.  I attend Leopold High School, where I am currently a junior.  I hope you enjoy visiting my page and learn lots about me!


    °Spanish I - Mrs. Ponder
    °Algebra III - Mr. Thoma
    °Chemistry - Ms. Simmers
    °Business Technology - Mrs. Nenninger
    °World History - Mr. Kinder
    °Journalism I - Ms. Gregory
    °English III - Ms. Gregory

    °Business Club
    °Pep Club
    °Glee Club
    °BETA Club

  °This year I was a member of the varsity volleyball team and a part of the cheerleading squad here at LHS.  I also participate in Wednesday Night Volleyball during the summer.

Hobbies n Interests:
    °In my free time, I enjoy hanging out w/all of my friends *listed below*.
    °I love shopping and meeting new people, too.
    °I have many favorites as well, those of which are:
            °Chicken Quesadillas from Garfield's
            °Vin Diesel
            °Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
            °Old Navy
            °Jay Hernandez
            °How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
            °Snow Days
            °Math Field Day
            °Sleeping In
            °MTV Cribs

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