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My favorite interest is cars. My family has a bunch of cars. My favorite one is a 1983 Z/28 Camaro but I can't have because it's my Dads car. My favorite thing about cars is their speed. I love going fast. I don't know how to explain it.


My grandparents names are Jim and Joyce Brown. They are who I live with. They are the parents of my Dad, Rick Brown. My brother is best person to talk to in my family. He understands what I am saying. My Mom lives in Zalma, and her name is Kelle Corbin. I have a nephew, Payton Brown. He was born in December of 2002. He is pretty big now and is so cute.


My hobbies are electronics in vehicles like the radios and cd players. My next best hobby is to put model cars together. A third hobby is to sit in my bedroom playing on my guitar or listening to my radio. But all together I spend more time out at my truck than most girls do in the bathroom.


My favorite activities are to spend time with my family and working on the big trucks with my grandfather and my dad. I like to stay over at my brother's house to see him and my nephew. I don't really have any more favorite activities.

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