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My classes:

  • Spanish I
  • Algebra III
  • Chemistry
  • Business Technology
  • World History
  • Journalism I
  • English III

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    My Family

          I have two sisters a mother and a father.  The youngest in my family is Elizabeth.  She is an ok kid even though I give her a hard way to go sometimes.  Jessica is the middle child and is pretty cool too.  My dad, AJ, works for a cement and waste processing plant.  He has worked hard all his life to provide for us even if it means working swing shifts and not seeing us for days to a week at a time.  He has taught me many things that I will use throughout my life.  Mom has sacrificed so much for us, too, and  at times she can be cool and other times--well she can be a mother.  Still, she has taught my sisters and me things that are important to life.

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        Friends are vital to our lives yet everyone classifies their friends on different levels.  I believe that we all are friends. That we all share a common thread that binds us to this world.  We may call others our enemies but it is the actions of the person we despise not the person.  We are all capable to do good or do evil.  No matter how evil a person is there is always good in the person screaming to be let free.  We will all meet people we do not agree with or share nothing with in the materialistic world ,but we are all bound together no matter how blind we become in this world.  Just because someone doesn't acknowledge you as their friend, do not be disappointed.

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    I like to:

    Favorite Movies

       Everyone has a favorite movie or movies that they prefer over others, and the type of movies people enjoy can let you know more about them without asking questions.  Here are a few movies that I enjoy watching.

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    Future Plans

        As of right now I do not know what I want to do with my life.  I am interested in missionary work or the peace corp.  That is only a beginning though for a while I thought I had a calling in the church, but I do not know what ministry I am cut out for.  I will go to college that is for sure, and I will not have anything to do with science; man how I hate science,. I would like to learn some foreign languages and perhaps learn how to play bluegrass on the violin.  My future is piecing itself together slowly, but with each passing day I am getting closer to what was my future Because is not today the future of yesterday.

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