Hey, This is Justin's Web Page!

I am going to give you a little bit of information about myself; and hopefully by the time you get done reading this material, you will know a little more about me.

I have a lot of friends and most of them go to school right here at Leopold with me. We like to hang out and spend time together like any other kids. Many of my friends are involved in groups and organizations with me. I have friends in the Beta Club, Boy Scouts,and CYC. Many of my friends play basketball with me. I believe we will have a good season this year and will work really hard to do our best. A.J., Nick, Mark, Danielle, Brandon, Clayton, Jason, Lucas, and a lot of other doggs are tight homies and are constantly doing stuff together.

Here is a list of all of the Sophomore boys playing basketball this year.

I have an average size family. I have one little brother named James. My Dad's name is Ambrose, and he builds houses. My Mom's name is Mary, and she is an accountant. My cousins Mark and Ryan are two of my close friends. We have a pretty close extended family, and we treat each other like brothers.

Future Plans
I have only a few plans. These plans are very big though. After I graduate from Leopold High School, I am going to continue my education at one of the Missouri State Universities. After I graduate I am going to start my political career. I will eventually go to Law School to become a lawyer. I will go on my path again to become President of the United States. I will try to follow the style of the the "Bull-Moose" himself--Theodore Roosevelt. After my terms end, I will take over a small contry in Western Africa and rebuild it. After I am finished I will retire to a small home close to Leopold where I was raised.

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