Welcome to Lainey's Home Page

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HELLO!! I am a sophmore at Leopold High School, and I hope you enjoy my Home Page.

My Classes:

Just a little about me

My Activities

  1. Business Club
  2. Pep Club
  3. Glee Club
  4. Volleyball
  5. Softball
  6. KC Summer Softball
  7. USAV
  8. CYC

My Hobbies

My Future Plans


Here are some of my friends:
Everyone of my classmates, Mindy, Nikki, April, Katie, Betsy, Justin, Brian, David, Alana, Lexie, Laura, and Amanda. You probably don't know any one these because they are from Oak Ridge, Bloomfield, and Jackson. I am friends with EVERYONE and those I named are just a few. When I am with friends, we have a blast.

My Family

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