Personal Life

My Family
Parents: Norman and JoEllen
Sisters: Denise, Sonya, and Janice
Brother-in-law: Israel
Niece: Calli

My Friends
My Best Friends are my cousins:
Ashley, Shelly, Kyla, and Holly
Click here to check out their school pages.

My Weekends
Work at a local grocery store as a cashier
Go out with my friends when I'm not working
Go to church either Saturday night or Sunday morning

My Favorites
1.  Ford Trucks (especially my '98 Ranger)!
2.  Tennesse Walking Horses
3.  Taking Walks, and Horseback Riding
4.  Graduation!!
5.  My niece Calli
6.  1970 Mustang Mach 1

Plans for the Future:
1.  I plan to attend Southeast Missouri State University.
-major in elementary education
2.  Play sand volleyball this summer along with
going swimming, playing tennis, and riding horses.

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