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WHAT UP? My name is Lucas, and this is my web page. Enjoy!!!

Background Info

My Family

I come from a family with lots of people. My immediate family consists of 7 people.

My Sophomore Classes

  1. English II - Ms. Gregory
  2. Biology - Mrs. Green
  3. Music - Mrs. Jansen
  4. Algebra II - Mr. Thoma
  5. Advanced Computers - Mrs. Nenninger
  6. Geography/Government - Mr. Kinder
  7. PE/Fitness/Health - Mr. Thoma


I love to play and watch sports. However, only two sports (basketball and baseball) are open for me to participate in at Leopold High School.


Last year I was the starting point guard for our JV. Our record was 6-14. We had our good games and our bad. I played almost every minute and averaged 11.2 point per game. My season high for points in one game was 30, which I had against Marquand. The best moment for me was when we won the Zalma Tournament. This year I'm playing on varsity, and my number is 14.

I also like watching basketball. I like college basketball more than I do the NBA. My favorite college team is the Arizona Wildcats. Last year they lost in the Championship game against Duke. I got #22 for my freshmen basketball season because of Jason Gardner, Arizona's point guard. He is my favorite player and the only returning starter from last year's team, so this season might be a lil bumpy for us AZ fans (however, they beat the #3 team in the nation, Maryland, on their first game of the season; and #6 Florida on their second). I also watch the NBA. At the moment, I don't have a favorite team. My favorite NBA player is Chauncey Billups. He plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Click on Jason Gardner to view the official site of the Arizona Wildcats men's basketball team.


I had split playing time last year on our high school baseball team. I played 4 games at third base before being moved to left field. I had a batting average right at .300, and only had one error the whole year. This year I hope to start every game.

Baseball is also one of my favorite sports to watch. I follow Major League Baseball very closely. My favorite team is the San Francisco Giants. I've been following them every since I was around 10 years old. My favorite player has always been Barry Bonds and the 2001 season was a great one for me. Bonds hit 73 homers, smashing McGwire's '98 record of 70. Regardless of where Barry ends up next year (since he is a free agent) he will still be my favorite player.

Click on (l to r) Andres, Eric, Dusty, Barry, or Nikolai to view the Official Site of the San Francisco Giants.


Football is my favorite sport to watch. I've been a true fan of the Tennessee Titans since the 1999 season. My favorite player is their quarterback, Steve McNair. Even though the closest NFL city to me is St. Louis, the Rams became one of my least favorite teams after they beat the Titans in the 2000 super bowl. However, trust me, the Titans will be back.

Click on McNair to view the Official Site of the Tennessee Titans.


I enjoy hunting. I consider it more as a hobby than a sport. The three main types of hunting that I do are squirrel, turkey, and deer hunting. My deer hunting success consists of a one point buck that I got last year and a doe that I got this year. I plan to take up bow and duck hunting very soon.


I take part in four different clubs in the Leopold area.

This is my first year in the Beta club. We do different activities to help out the community and to raise money. So far we've picked up trash and hosted a breakfast. Mrs. Cooper is the sponsor of the Beta club at Leopold. I am honored to be in Beta.

The CYC is a catholic youth group from our church here at Leopold. I've been in the CYC now for over a year, and I've enjoyed everything we've done. We are getting ready to go to a National Catholic Youth Convention at Indianapolis in December. We also go to conventions at West Plains, St. Louis, and Jackson. We do many things to help the community and to raise money. Cindy J is the leader of our CYC group.

Pep Club
This is my second year in the Pep Club. Mrs. Nenninger and Mr. Kinder sponsor the Pep Club. We have a pizza party after each of our last home games for volleyball and basketball. As a member of the Pep Club, it is my responsibility to support the volleyball team and the basketball team, which I am a member of.

Business Club
Mrs. Nenninger is the sponsor of the Business Club. I am currently in my second year of being a Business Club member, and I enjoy the annual tours that we take of various corporations.

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