This is My Family


From left to
right are my sister Susie, my sister Patricia, my brother Bryan, my brother Doug, my sister Ella, and Me

This is my nephew Zach, my dad Robbie and my mom Cecilia

Here are a few words about each member of my family.

Mom and Dad - They have always been around to help my siblings and me  when we need it.

Ella - This is my oldest sister.  She is married and has a son named Conrad.
She lives in Kansas with her husband, Curt, so I don't get to see her much.  She has always helped me with my problems, and I look up to her alot.  Curt is a really good guy, and I'm glad he's part of the family now.  As for Conrad I can't wait to teach him all the things that a good uncle should teach his nephew.

Doug - Doug is my oldest brother. He is married to Sarah. He lives in Cape and is working at TGMO.  Sarah works a Metro Lighting.  Doug and Sarah recently bought a house and are in the process of renovating it.  When they're not busy working on their own house it seems like they are fixing something at our house.  Sarah is a real pro when it comes to interior design, and Doug is always around to help out.

Bryan - Bryan is a great brother.  He is married to Tracy, and they have a son named Zach.  Bryan and I have always spent alot of time together.   He works at Major Custom Cable, and Tracy works at AmeriMart in Fruitland.  Zach is a cute kid, and I like it when they bring him to see me at work.

Patricia - My sister Patricia graduated from Southwest Missouri State University last year, and then she started working for the AmeriCorp.  She is living in Arizona with her friend, Jill.  Patricia and I have a lot in common, and I can't wait until she comes home for my graduation.

Susie - Susie is my youngest sister and probaly the family member that I have the most conflict with.  She is really smart and is going to college at Truman State, but is transferring to Southeast next year.