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My Family
My Class Schedule
My Interests
My Friends
My Future Plans

My Family

My family consists of four people, my dad, my mom, my little brother, and myself!

My dad, Joe, works at USF Holland in Sikeston, Missouri.  At home he enjoys being outside, watching NASCAR races, and being with his family and friends.

My mom, Patty, works here at Leopold High School.  Some of my mom's favorites include reading, sewing, watching TV, taking naps, and being with her family.

My little brother John also attends Leopold School and is in the fifth grade.  John LOVES to watch and play a variety of sports.  John currently plays on a baseball team, a soccer team, and a basketball team.  In his free time he also enjoys playing football.  Playing Play Station 2 is another one of his hobbies.


I participate in many different clubs.  This year I participate in:

The BETA Club
The Glee Club
The Pep Club
The Business Club
The Catholic Youth Group (CYC)

My Class Schedule

My classes this year include:

Spanish I with Mrs. Ponder
Algebra III with Mr. Thoma
Chemistry with Ms. Simmers
Business Technology with Mrs. Nenninger
World History with Mr. Kinder
Journalism I with Ms. Gregory
English III with Ms. Gregory

My Interests 

In my free time I like to go shopping, watch movies, and be with my friends.  I also participate in many different sports.  Some of the high school sports I participate in are volleyball and softball.  Cheerleading is another activity I enjoy.  My favorite sport to watch on television is Major League Baseball.  The St. Louis Cardinals are my favorite team.

My Friends

Some of my friends include:
SamTop Left: Rachel and I  Top Right: Lori and I  Bottom Left:  Sam and I  Bottom Right: Rachel, Me, and Sam
Tony/Antone/Jigga...AKA Anthony
And Everyone Else!!!

My Future Plans

After I graduate high school, I plan to attend Southeast Missouri State University to get a degree in education.  After finishing college I hope to become an elementary teacher in a small school, probably here at Leopold.  Once I'm through with college I hope to get married and raise a family.

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