^*All About Me*^

Classes & Activities
My Interests & Favorites
Family & Friends
Future Plans

My classes here at LHS consist of:

1st hour-Algebra III
2nd hour- Spanish I
3rd hour- Chemistry
4th hour- Journalism I
5th hour- World History
6th hour- Business Technology {college dual enrollment}
7th hour- English III

I take part in many clubs & activities here at LHS. I am actively involved in :
*Pep Club
*Business Club
*Beta Club
*Glee Club

Some out-of-school groups I belong to are:

*CYC(church group)
*USAV volleyball team

My Interests and Favorites
~My gold & pink necklace & angel ring
~Kurt Cobain
~Red Skittles
~French Fries
~Friday & Saturday Nights
~Abercrombie & Fitch
~Soft Jamies
~Volleyball & Cheerleading
~Sleeping Late
~Josh Harnett
~Jay Hernandez
~Cookie Dough
~Eating junk food late at night while watching movies
~Midnight Swimming
~My Cell Phone
~Pink(the color)
~Brad Pitt
~Jeeps & Eclipses
~Valentine's Day & Christmas
~December 29:)
~Cookie Dough
~Snow Days

~*Family & Friends*~

My family is made up of 4 wonderful people. My dad's name is DeWayne. My mom is Elaine, my sister's name is Amy, & of course then there's ME! We have a very strong & close family. I know when I have no one else in the world, I always have these 3 people to go to.

My Friends
Friends are very important to me. I'm a very outgoing
person, so I can make friends with almost anyone. However,
there are some special friends I have that have always been
there for me, and who I have had some of the best times with.
Below I listed some of these, but if you're not on here,
you know I still love you!!!

Tasha- Tasha is my "bestest" friend in the world! We have really became close this year & have spent MANY hours together. We have a lot in common, and she is the person I can always count on for a wise comment. I talk to her most about my relationships.
Amber- Amber Nicole is most definitely my other best friend & half! She and I have spent more time together than anyone else. We play on the same sports teams, and we are just always together!!  She always gives me good advice & knows what's best for me!!
Megan- Megan & I have became great friends within the past year. We've already had many good times together, and even more will be to come when she gets her license. We are so much alike, it scares us! We can always count on each other for a laugh.
Rachel- Rae & I have been friends for quite some time now. We've grown closer through volleyball & cheerleading seasons. She is alot like me too, which is ALWAYS fun! We always have a great time no matter what we're doing.
Mary- Mary Bo is the sweetest person I know!  She can always make me laugh & she always has the ~best~ ideas! She is a very wise person & spent several hours with me watching lots of basketball this summer! We've had some great times together..
Classmates- I also consider everyone in my class a friend as well! We have definitely been through a lot together. I think through this past year we have grow really close! I know no matter where I go after I graduate, I'll always have 21 of the best friends anyone could have!!

Other Friends- There's only so much space & time, so i figured I'd put some of my other SPECTACULAR friends on here too!!
~Dereck, Holly, Courtney, Anna, Amanda, Lori, Michael, Brandon, Stacey, Tyler, Matthew Ryan, Paul, Jonathon, Otis D, Brandon T, Brent, Brian, Joe (Rachel's Dad), Kyla, Jenna, Julie, Dylan,  Matt J, Jordan, Stephanie,  Stacey, Tayler, Heather, Emily, Valerie, Danielle, Missy, Ali, Kelsey, Drew, Tyler(King D.A.L.), Zack, Craig B, Josh A, Misty, Mindy, Ryan, Cody, Mark, Damian, Daniel, Andrew C, Patrick K, and the list goes on..........

(Top)  Beth and I at the Beta Convention last year.

(Side) Tasha and I on the last day of school last year.

(Bottom) Me with my CAR!!!!

Future Plans

After graduating from LHS in May of 2004, I plan to attend Mineral Area College, hopefully
on a volleyball scholarship! (The University of Miami has also caught my attention at the
moment!) There I will pursue my career to become a Registered Nurse. After two years at
MAC, I would like to transfer to Southeast Missouri State University and finish out my last
two years, earning a BSN. After graduating college, I plan to get a good paying job as an RN
in an OB at a local hospital. I then see myself getting married & beginning to raise a lovely
family and living happily ever after!!!

I hope you have enjoyed viewing my webpage & learning a little about myself. Have a GOOD ONE!
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