Welcome to Melissa's Home Page

I am a junior at Leopold High School. Here are my Classes, Interests, Activities, and Plans!

My Classes

          1st Hour--Chemistry
          2nd Hour--Study Hall
          3rd Hour--Business Technology
          4th Hour--Algebra III
          5th Hour--World History
          6th Hour--Spanish I/ P.E.
          7th Hour--English III

My Activities

         CYC--Church Youth Council-Go to church meeting's
         Glee Club-(Music)--Sing at Ballgames and P.T.O.'s
         Pep Club--Help support the Basketball games
         Business Club--Learn about other businesses
         High School Volleyball--Play my favorite sport during the season
         Softball-Play during summer and season at school
         USAV-Play during the spring

                                     My Interests

I love the new Mustangs!
I think the new Mercury Cougars are awesome!!
I like eclipses, too!
I love playing Volleyball!
I enjoy listening to my radio!
I love talking on the phone to my friends!
I like spending time with my friends!
I love listening to my favorite group, 'N Sync!!!
My favorite is Justin Timberlake!!!

My Plans

              I hope to find a good job that I like!
              Every summer I go to Naples, Florida, to see my relatives!
              I will look for a car this summer!
              My favorite cars are the new Mustangs and the new Mercury Cougar's!!!
              I hope to get married and have a family someday!
              I plan to go to college after I graduate from LHS!

This is a link to my Family!!!