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Hello My name is Ronda Ann,  and I am currently attending Leopold R-3 High School.  I am eighteen years old, and I drive a 1992 Pontiac GrandAm.
Since this year is my last year, you would figure I have all easy classes, but you would be wrong.  The easiest class I have is Arts and Crafts, besides Study Hall.  First hour I have Math Class, second hour is my Study Hall, third hour is Arts and Crafts class, fourth hour is En 100 (which is a college course), fifth hour is Business Technology, sixth hour is Publications (which involves the yearbook preparation), and my last hour is Family Living.

Ever since my freshman year I have goofed off and did not take my high school years  seriously.  Now it is my senior year, and I am pushing my grades and buckling down just to be able to graduate.

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    I have acquired many hobbies over the past eighteen years, and most of my hobbies have developed because of past influences.  My hobbies are:
Driving Grand Am's
PLUS MANY MANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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