There are five people in my family, Dad, Mom, two younger sisters and myself.

Dad- My dad's name is Michael and is employed at Proctor and Gamble in Cape Girardeau.  His interests include:  watching television, farming, and spending time with his family.

Mom- My mom's name is Gina and she cleans houses.  She loves to play cards, watch sports, exercise, and spend time with her friends and family.

Jessica- Jess is my younger sister, she's in 7th grade and enjoys playing volleyball and softball.  She also enjoys spending time with her friends.

Andrea- Andi is my youngest sister and is in the 5th grade.  Some of her interests include:  playing volleyball and basketball, watching T.V. and spending time with her friends.

This is my family at Union Station in St. Louis!


I have so many great friends!  Some of closest include:

Mary Beth, Rachel, Jean Louise, Toni, Tasha, Tonya, Wendy, Lori, Amber, Michael, Tyler, Brandon, Lucas, Josh, Kevin, Courtney, Janice, Kelly, Melissa, Jessica V, Traci, Kelsey, and Beth!

These are a few of my closest friends:
(top left) Rachel, Mary, and I at Leopold Prom last year
(bottom left) Lori and I at Prom last year
(top right) Toni and I at Beta Convention
(bottom right) Beth and I


* Volleyball
* Cheerleading
* Softball
* Summer Vacation
* Shopping
* Shoes
* Dancing
* Spending time with friends & family
* Movies
* Music
* Water Skiing
* Pizza
* Swimming
* Euchre

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