Scott's Home Page


I like to spend a lot of my time looking at and reading about muscle cars. I drive a 1969 Camaro that is green with white racing stripes. It has a 350 with a three speed manual. I hope to fix it up to be faster and nicer. Some day I want to own a 1970 chevelle ss with a 454.

During the summer, I like to set at home and watch sportscenter when it rains. If it is nice outside, I will play basketball or baseball with my friends. If the creek isn't up too high, a few of my 4-wheeler riding buddies go to the mud hole and go mudding for an afternoon. During the winter, I like to go bow hunting. This fall a few of my buddies and I went to St. Louis County for a managed hunt, and I killed a 14 ptr. that scored 186&7/8 boone & crocket points. If you click on the deer head you can see my name on the trophy list under non-typical.