My Family is very small. They consist of:
  • Harold- My Dad
  • Pearl- My Mom
  • Justin- My Brother
  • Mabel- My Dog

    Future Plans

    When I get out of school I want to go to South Carolina. While there I will go to college and major in Military Arts. I want to become a Navy Aviator. This has been my dream ever since I was very young.


    I am a 10th grader in high school. Leopold is starting their basketball season this year. I am a starter on the Junior Varsity basketball team. The coach puts me just about anywhere he thinks I can play. I like playing the wing because I can bust three-pointers all day long.


    My hobbies are listening to music and riding my go-kart. I also go hunting in my spare time. I like going to friends' houses and spending time with them. I also like to have friends over, and then we could go to Cape and run around there.

    My Car

    When I graduate from school I am going to buy a 2004 Dodge Viper. I want it to have a MTX sound system in it. I will have 16 inch wheels and a RT10. That means I will have some serious power under my hood. I want it black with flames on the front of the hood.

    The latest movie I've seen is "Were is Corky Ramano." It is a funny movie. I like all the latest movies and hope to see all that come out. I like action movies and lots of movies with cars. I like comedies because they make me laugh. If they make me laugh, I think they should win an award. But if the movie gets boring, then I won't watch the movie at all. I may get up and walk out. However, I haven't seen a movie I didn't like.