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My Family

   I love my family although we don't always get along!  I live with my parents, Elaine and DeWayne, and my younger sister Melissa.  My sister is a 7th grader at LHS, and she loves talking on the phone and trying to bum rides off of me.  My mom works in Accounts Receivable at Crader Distributing and enjoys gardening and listening to all kinds of music.  My dad is a salesman for NuWay, and he enjoys golfing in his spare time.


My Future Plans

 I have big plans for my future, and I hope they all work out.  I plan to graduate from LHS with a college prep. certificate, then go on to Southeast Missouri State University, University of Missouri-St. Louis, or Maryville University.  I want to either major in Physical Therapy or Psychology.  Then I would like to open my own clinic.

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