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My Interests

My Favorites

Favorite Music Groups
Favorite Brands
Favorite Painters
Creed Old Navy Monet Butterflies
Tupac Shakur American Eagle Van Gogh Camaros
Master P Levi's Silvertabs Degas Corvettes
Dixie Chicks Adidas Pissaro Manatees
Smashing Pumpkins Nike Georgia O'Keefe sunny, summer days
Everclear Polo Cezanne green, brown, and blue
Jo Dee Messina Guess? Da Vinci the movie: Armageddon

Click here for the ultimate butterfly website!

    My absolute favorite thing is my car.  I have a '91 blue Camaro with T-tops and a V8 engine.  That car is my pride and joy.  I love summer when I am cruising around with my T-tops out.  That's when I am the happiest girl in the world!  My car has been the source of a lot of fun times with my friends, and without it I don't know what we'd do!

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