th at I've been to in the last couple years.

I love going to concerts with huge crowds.
It's very exciting to enjoy concerts with large numbers of people.


  •  Summer Sanitarium Tour
  • Soul to Soul Tour
  • Ozzfest 2000
  • Anger Management Tour
  • MTV Campus Invasion Tour
  • Wake ____ Up Tour
  • More to go to
  • Summer Sanitarium Tour
  • --July 3rd, 2000--I traveled to the Gateway International Speedway in East St. Louis with  Mark and others..
  • --We saw awesome perfomances by:
  • Soul to Soul Tour
    --Tim McGraw & Faith Hill sang at the Savvis
    Center in St. Louis and I couldn't of missed that.
      --I LOVED IT!
    --I went with Kyla, Robert, and Mark.
    --We sat behind a sort-of circular stage so
    we were pretty close to them.
    --I saw Tim McGraw in 1999 with the Dixie Chicks.
    --Both years I saw Tim McGraw, he sang his
    version of "The Joker."  He sings it well.
    Ozzfest 2000
    --I went to Ozzfest with  Laura.
    --We were really hot this day---it was at Riverport.
    --We enjoyed entertainment from:
    Methods of Mayhem
    Queens of the Stone Age
    and several others

    Anger Management Tour
    --Me, Robert, Mark, Erin, Jessie, & Danny went to this concert,.  It was great! The performances were awesome.
    --Only problem was we were 5 rows from the very top.
    --This concert was  in St. Louis.
     We saw:
    Limp Bizkit    Eminem
    Papa Roach       Xzibit

    MTV Campus Invasion Tour
    --Introducing BUSH
    with special guest MOBY
    --Me and Jessie got floor seats.
    --We had to go because we've been waiting forever to see Bush in concert.
    --We didn't stay in our seats,.  We kept moving up,
    and we made it to the front row when girls right beside
    of us paid people to trade tickets..
    --We took like  2 or 3 rolls of film.
    --Gavin Rossdale came out in the crowd!

    Wake ......... Up Tour

    --Me and Jodi are going to this concert.
    --We have floor tickets ,and the floor is general admission
    --So we will try to get up next to the stage.
    Godsmack    Staind
    Cold    Systematic

    I saw Godsmack at Ozzfest and they were great so I can't wait.

    Concerts or bands I want
    to go to in the future:
    --Ozzfest 2001
    --more Bush
    --more Tim McGraw
    --Up in Smoke Tour

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