Friends & Family




  Amanda D: one of a kind, always there for you when you need a friend, the best friend scar, going bowling, "Coyote Ugly", rotate rotate
  Traci S.:  nothing like her, great personality, SPEEDBALL
  Becky B:  got me hooked on Bingo, always with Jason
  Nikki S:  probably my best friend yet, completely hallarious, independent
  Clayton J:  athletic, funny, smart, clumbsy, getting ran over by a tractor, jumping over bonfires on my birthday
  Kevin Holzum:  always misses my birthday for deer hunting, basketball freak, great personality, athletic
  Josh Van de Ven:  always there for you, great friend, funny, serious with sports,
  Paul H:  athletic, always into trucks, tells the funniest jokes
  John Tyler B.:  into trucks, was athletic
  Anna N:  getting into a fight on my 16th birthday, athletic,
  Jill V.:  athletic, easy to get along with
  Holly J:  athletic, quiet, honest, funny in her own way
  Courtney W:  athletic, smart, always eating skittles, easy to get along wth
  Barbara M:  very smart, easy to get along with, funny in her own way, willing to help others
  Melinda T:  athletic, smart, funny, willing to help others
  Matthew V:  short, funny, athletic,



  Dad: Joe, self-employed truck driver
  Mom:  Vickie, teacher at Leopold Elementary
  Maggie:  youngest sister, in 7th grade at Leopold Junior High
  Nikki:  oldest sister, 19 years old
  Kyleigh:  Nikki's baby, 4 months old

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