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My name is Becky, and I am currently a junior at Leopold High School.  I have many different interests, play in many sports, and have many hobbies.  I plan to attend Southeast University in Cape Girardeau after I graduate from Leopold High.  What I will major in is still to be decided.

I have a variety of classes that I take at Leopold High.  They are:

  1. Alegebra III with Mr. Thoma
   2. Pyschology/Sociology with Mr. Kinder
   3. Chemistry with Mrs. Green
   4. Study Hall with Mrs. Green
   5. World History with Mr. Kinder
   6. Business Tech with Mrs. Nenninger
   7. Engilsh III with Ms. Gregory


Some of the sports that I play are
  High School Softball: anywhere and everywhere, 3 years
  High School Volleyball: setter, 3 years
  USAV: setter, 1 year
  Summer Softball: third base & pitcher, 4 years
  Wednesday Night Volleyall, 3 years

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