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      Thanks for stopping by!  To see a picture of me, click here!  I guess I should tell you a little about myself.  I am a Senior at Leopold High.  I play volleyball and cheerlead.  I am also active in Beta Club, Business Club, and Pep Club.   Here is a list of my classes.
            When I'm not in school, I can usually be found in the barn with my horses.  I show a Tennessee Walking Horse named The Unexpected Star.   I also own two other walkers, Sport's Stroker Ace, and Lady.  Star is currently in training at Ramsey's Training Center in Farmington, Mo.  Sport and Lady reside at our own String Ridge Stables.
    After I graduate from LHS, I will attend Southeast Missouri State University on the Beta Scholarship.  I will major in Agri-Business.

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My Classes Are:

LHS Cheerleading

    The 1998-99 Leopold High Cheerleading Squad consists of 11 members.  Seniors--Jennifer,K.  Beth,  Lisa, Hanna, Stephanie; Sophomores--Laura, Jessica, Jodi, Ronda; Freshmen--Leslee, and Jennifer B.
    We're a good squad.  We make lots of noise and love to support our team.  Our biggest achievement is our half-time routine.  LHS hasn't had a routine in four years, and this one is one of the best we've ever created.
    So, come on down to LHS and support our basketball players!

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