Family and Friends


            I have a pretty big family.  My Mom and Dad got divorced when I was a little kid so I now have two families.  In California (where I am from)  my Mom (Darlene) my Step Dad (Tony) and my three little sisters (Jackie, Jaquita, April) live.  They have lived there for 15 years or so.  Here in Missouri I live with my Dad (Jack) and my Step Mom.  I like having two families. It gives me the chance to move around a little and visit when I want to.  I also have" fake families"; these are the families that take me in.  They are usually my best friends' families. I spend so much time over at those places that I am just like one of the family.

            I have many friends just because I am not shy.  I say it how it is and that is it.  Because I lived in California and Missouri, I have many friends.  Some of my friend here are Wendy, Adam, Robbie, Mark, Adam, Robert, Chad, Laura, Kelly, Josh, Jason, John, Daniel, Ashton, Bret and there is many many more.  I think highly of all these people.  In California I have lots of friends as well, Charlie is my best friend out there.