This is me!!!

This is one of the shots I like to take during our games...

Future Plans------

My future plans consist of going to college. But before I am able to do that, I have to go to basic training and AIT.  I have joined the National Guard.  I think this was the best thing for me as of now.  That way I am able to get my college tuition paid for.  This was better for me because I will not have to work all the time and study all the time.  I can split it all up so that I will also be able to have fun and spend time with certain people.

I am going to go to college at SEMO because it is close to home and people I want to be with.  I am going to try to get my Athletic Training degree in four years.  If not oh well maybe I will just have to go to college a few more years, no biggie. HAHA. ya right.

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