Melinda's Family

    I have a great family.  I have an older sister Amanda Marie, who is a senior this year..  I have a younger sister Kayla Anne, who is a seventh grader this year.  My younger brother Joseph (Joey) David is in the third grade.  My parents are David Joseph and Karen Jay.  My family also has two dogs:  Red and Dixie and one rabbit:  Thumper.  I have 10 aunts and 9 uncles.  I also have 20 first cousins..

Melinda's Friends

    I have many friends.  Everyone in my class is classified as a friend.  I am friends with most of the people in High School.  I have a few friends from other places:  NaTasha, Tiffany, Iris, Jason, Damion, Michael, Susie, Katie, Matt, Lisa, Laci, and Taylor.

This is a just a few of my friends starting at the top left: Amanda,
Damion, Traci, Barbara, and Kyla.  Bottom starting at the left:
 Josh, Me, Courtney, and my cousin Lisa.

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