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Welcome to my web site.  My name is Nick, and I am a Junior at Leopold High School.  I've attended school at Leopold  since Kindergarten , and I wouldn't go anywhere else even if I were paid! Well, I'm so sure about that, it depends o how much they offered me!!! haha



These are my classes for the 2002-03 school year.



     As you can probably tell, listening to music is one of my more favorite hobbies.    I like rock, metal, rap, alternative, and even some country (from Country Mart).


        Working--I really wouldn't consider it a  hobby, but I don't have anywhere else to put it, so here it is.  I work at Country Mart, in Marble Hill.  I started there in October, 2001.  My job is okay, but I definitely don't get paid enough for what they expect me to do.  I used to work stocking the shelves, but now I work in the Produce Department.  Some would call it a promotion, but I would call it a punishment, since I have to do more work than I used to but still get paid the same.  Oh well! It's still a job.


        I used to be really big on going hunting all the time, but I've sort of slacked off on that a little bit.  I used to go turkey hunting, deer hunting, and even fishing.  However, since I've got my license and a job, I really haven't had much time to do the things I used to.  Sometimes, I miss being out in the woods until I realize that that's not nearly as fun as what I do now. haha


    BETA Club

        Beta club is one of my more favorite clubs.  We do service work and put on fundraisers to raise money for our club to go to convention.  I was in Beta club last year , and it was very fun.  I especially enjoyed Beta convention.


        I am also involved with the St. John's Catholic Youth Group.  We hold fundraisers and sell a variety of things to raise money to take members of our group to conventions.  Last year, we went  to the National Catholic Youth Conference held in Indianapolis.  It was a lot of fun and very inspirational, however, my most inspirational moment in the CYC group thus far has to be the weekend we spent at Steubenville.  It was a lot of fun.  I have lots of fun in CYC, but recently, I have been too busy with work, school, and other things to be as involved in CYC as I would like.

    Boy Scouts

        I am also a Boy Scout member of Leopold Troop 315 sponsored by the Leopold Knights of Columbus.  I have been in the Boy Scouts for about 3 years now, and it has been tons of fun.  We go on campouts frequently and go the official Boy Scout camp every year, usually at Camp Lewallen.  As with the CYC I used to be more involved in Boy Scouts than I am now, but I have not the time that I wish I did.

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