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Hi!!!!  I'm Stephanie.  I'm a JUNIOR at Leopold R-III High School.  My class has 22 people in it.  We are a very close class, and we get along very well together.  We always have a lot of fun.  I think the thing that most teachers say about our class is how we always try to blow time.  We are always full of questions to ask to see if we can get a teacher off track.


VOLLEYBALLVOLLEYBALLI play several sports.  I am a cheerleader this year, and I plan on playing softball.  I also play summer league sports--Volleyball and Softball.  I enjoy Volleyball the most.  I have played since the 5th grade in school but didn't play this year due to certain issues.  But I am playing USAV Volleyball, and I love it.  I get a chance to play a sport I love and have fun.  I have played softball since the 5th grade too but only in the summer.  This is my first  year cheerleading, and I hope it's fun.
Amanda and I softball picture for the 2002 summer


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