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I am a senior at Leopold High School.  My life consists of:

School Activities

 I am very active in things that go on here at our school.  I enjoy being a member of clubs and having school spirit. I like to involve myself as much as possible so I can have many memories to take with me as I leave.


I love to spend time with my friends. No matter what we are doing we have good times. Without my friends I don't know where I'd be.  Recently I have met people online that I talk to and keep in touch with through the internet. I talk to some of them on the phone and write them through normal mail. These people, though I don't know them very well, are important to me and are my friends.


I have a large family. They are kind of strange at times but fun to be around. There are six of us kids, and my parents have instilled in each of us a sense of independence and good morals.

Future Plans

My future plans include college and marriage. I have many hopes and dreams that I want to achieve.

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