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I am a Senior at Leopold High School.  My classes include:

Leopold School Homepage: http://www.oseda.missouri.edu/schoolweb/leopold.k12.mo.us/

Me and My Family

Me: Tara Suzanne Lea Broshuis
    I am 18 years old.  I work at Bollinger County Chiropractic after school.   My job there is to answer the phone, make appointments, take care of billing, and help out wherever needed.  I am enjoying my Senior year of high school but can't wait to get out.  I drive a Ford probe (hopefully not for long).  My favorite thing to do is hangout with friends and just have a good time.  I also enjoy being around animals a lot.  I have a boxer named Meka. One of my hobbies is taking pictures.  I like being in Journalism and taking pictures of everything.
This is Meka, my boxer.
To learn more about Bollinger County Chiropractic:


My Mom
    My mom drives a Ford Explorer and works at Bollinger County Veterinary Service.  I think she really enjoys this job.  My mom is a very nice woman because she understands a lot and is always there for me.
My Dad
  My dad works for Ferrell Gas.  He drives a Ford Truck.  (We're really not all Ford fans).  He also has a Chevy Truck.  He is also always there for me, and I like to be around him because he can always make me laugh.  He enjoys farming and working with horses.
My Brother
    My brother is 14 years old.  He likes to look at and work with cars of all types.  He also enjoys working with horses.  Right now, he has two of them.
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