I have many friends. I wish I could put pictures of all my friends on here. These are 2 of my closest friends that I'm usually around a lot. I do almost everything with these two friends. All my friends mean a lot to me.

This is a picture of Emily, Leslee, and me right before prom.

  by Michael Darling

         What are friends for?
          Laughter in times of joy,
          Tears in sorrow and more.
         They ease the pain,
           Of a grief stricken heart.
           They remind you of duty,
          When you arenít doing your part.
           They rejoice at you winning,
         They comfort when youíre lost.
         They share your heartbreak,
          Regardless of the cost.
           They slap you silly,
            When a wake up call is needed,
           And get in your face ,
             When a warning isnít heeded.
             And yes they fail you!
             But youíve often failed them ,too.
            A friend is one that accepts your faults,
         And loves in spite of you.

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