Jillian Renae's Family

Left to right:  First is Mom, Dad, Bubba, Mom's flowers, our house, and my car.  Second is my sister and I (she is in dark blue amd I'm in light blue).  Third is Bubba (my dog).

My Parents

My parents are Roger Irvin and Sheryl Ann (Sheree).

My Dad is a self employed excavator.
My Mom is between jobs.

My Sister 

My sister is Gwendolyn Sue.  She goes to college at Mizzou.
Sisie, the penguin, told me to put him on this page by you.

My sister has a friend named Jill, who is also her roommate
at Mizzou.  She seems like part of the family.

My Grandparents

One of my grandpa's is Irvin.  He lives near Leopold.
He has a big farm and a dog named Pete.
My grandma Adeline died in 1991.

My other grandma is Dorothy.
She lives in Marble Hill and loves to crochet.

My other grandpa is Homer.  He lives near Marquand.
He has a farm too.  He also takes care of his sisters and brothers.

My Dog

His name is Bubba.  He is black with a white spot on his chest and two white toes.
I got Bubba as a birthday present when I was in elementary school.

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