The pictures above are of me.  They were taken by Anna who is a friend and a classmate in Business Technology.

I am involved with many things and most of

them are related to school.

I play volleyball, softball, and cheerlead for LHS.

I am also in BETA Club, Glee Club, Pep Club, and Business Club.

My Classes:

My Future Plan's

My future plans are to attend Missouri State University-Columbia or St. Louis
for Astronautical Engineering or Physical Therapy.

Eventually, I also want a big house in the middle of a big farm out in the country,
and of course some children.

My Favorite's

color -                                              dark, navy blue, baby blue, and silver 
statues -                        angels, dolphins, eagles, and precious moments
musical groups -   Backstreet Boys and many others   ( BSB is #1 !!!!!)
shapes -                                                           hearts, snowflakes, and stars
song -                                         I like too many songs to choose a favorite.
subject -                                            Science, Algebra and all other Math
sports -                              volleyball, softball, cheerleading, and soccer
animals -         dogs, cats, dolphins, eagles, horses, ferrets, and parrots
tv shows -                         ER, Just Deal, Nash Bridges, and Dark Angel

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