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Stephanie Horrell Have a nice day!
Senior of '99 at Leopold High School
My family:
My mom and dad are Dennis and Pam.  They have supported me greatly.  I'm privileged to not have to work during school and concentrate on sports and studying.
I have one sister, Kyla, who is very athletic and artistic.
Rodney, Keith, and Lucas are my brothers.  They love watching sports, live and on television, and playing nintendo 64.
Business Technology
Advanced Math
Medical Terminology (College course)
Economics/Current Issues
Family Living
Home Economics II
Activities and Interests:
I play softball, volleyball, and I enjoy cheerleading for Leopold.
I am in the Beta, Business, Glee (Music), and Pep Clubs.
I like to watch movies, go fishing, and read magazines when I have time.
I also enjoy spending time with my friends.
Some of my favorites things:
I like watching sports live.  It doesn't matter what what kind of sport it  is,  I always enjoy it more when I can watch it live rather than on television.
As far as food goes, I love seafood!  I also like chicken and dumplings, carrots, any kind of rice, starbursts and skittles.
Some of my characteristics are:
--being cheerful, laughing, and smiling.
       A pet peeve of mine is  pessimistic people; even if it is a joke.  It also bothers me when  people talk behind other people's back and use sarcasm!

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