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My future Plans:
I plan to graduate from High School in May of '99.
I'm going to go to Meramec St. Louis Community College in the fall.
I will major in Court Reporting, and then get a job as a Court Reporter.
After I have meet the above goals, I plan to get married and raise a family.

In order to achieve my career goals, I have already got a head start on my college credits.  My mom and I visited the college several times.  A teacher there, Judy Larson, informed us about a new course I could take over the internet: Medical Terminology.  Since the class is required  for Court Reporters, I decided to take it at school.  I finished it last semester and now I am 4 credits ahead!  I received a 4.0 for the class, and I was very happy that I passed!

My teacher is so cool;  she set up a site for Meramec that shows the students who took the course over the internet. I'm in the third row in the middle desk.  Check out the cool internet site:


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