Family Vacations

My family likes to take one big vacation every summer.  A lot of memories have been made with my family when we take family trips.  Every year we vote on where to go.  We went to the Smoky Mountains once.  It was a lot of  fun sight seeing.  Then we went to Florida, and every year we decide to go back.  I love the beach because it  is so pretty.  My mom, sister, and I like to walk the beach and enjoy the nice breeze.  Kyla and I usually lay out a couple hours every day.  It is just a whole lot of fun!  I guess that's why I was determined to be a lifeguard at the town pool in Marble Hill (it's huge by the way!).  I fished off the pier once with Dad, Rodney, Keith, and Lucas.  Mom and Kyla went on the pier, but they didn't fish.  We caught so many angel fish that time!  Kyla ended up using one of our sea rods to fish a little while, although she only paid to watch!  We went to the Golf Shores, Alabama last year.  I went deep sea fishing with my dad and Lucas.  We caught sea fish, and they were huge!  We also met a lot of people and talked to the man in charge.  We used shrimp and squid for bait.  That was an experience!  If you ever have time to go to the beach with your family, don't miss the chance!  It's great and you make a lot of unforgettable memories.


Lucas, Dad, and I after deep sea fishing with the red snappers we caught.


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